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Thank you, people behind the stage!

26 May 2013 at 20:23 CEST

Behind the stage, met great people of different professions who made the Eurovision Song Contest so special. We want to say thank you all for your patience, your hard job and your kind assistance!

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 It feels empty after the Eurovision Song Contest and I miss it already!


The Eurovision Song Contest influenced most people who have been working behind the stage in their private as well as professional life. "I had the possibility to speak more English. It was so much fun to meet people from so many countries. Now, I like Eurovision even more than before. This experience will increase my chances when looking for a job later in my life," says Fredrik Nilsson, the volunteer in the Malmö Arena.

 I'm more than happy and thankful that I have been a part of this project.


A week after the Grand Final in Malmö, we asked Emir Kapetanovic, the chief make-up artist and hairstylist, what he had learnt from the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. "I have been working with the Swedish Melodifestivalen since 2005 and been the chief hairstylist at Melodifestivalen since 2010,” but apart from this experience, “the biggest thing I learnt is to be more patient. Working at the Eurovsion Song Contest as I did this year, you don´t have much of personal life but it was absolutely amazing to meet so many new friends from all different countries." is looking forward to such a great collaboration next year in Denmark!