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Thank you for being a friend: Official Eurovision YouTube channel reaches TWO BILLION views!

29 December 2016 at 18:00 CET
The official Eurovision Song Contest channel on YouTube has risen like a phoenix and gathered more than TWO BILLION views! On behalf of the entire Eurovision Song Contest family, thank you for watching and we look forward to bringing you more exclusive content in 2017!

In the lifetime of the channel, our viewers have watched over 4.4 BILLION minutes of content. The equals around 8371 years. People from over 237 countries tuned in over the years. Most of them came from Germany, Russia and Poland. People also watched our channel from the Vatican City, Antartica and there were even 127 views from North Korea!

The official Eurovision Song Contest channel on YouTube is number one in the table of most viewed channels based in Switzerland. Over 370,000 people subscribed to the channel this year and in 2016 there were more than 585 million views!

The top three most watched videos on the official Eurovision Song Contest channel on YouTube are:

  1. Germany 2010: Satellite performed by Lena (52 million views)
  2. France 2010: Allez Ola OlĆ© performed by Jessy Matador (41 million views)
  3. Azerbaijan 2009: Always performed by Aysel & Arash (27.5 million views)

Thank you

Thank you to you, our audience, for your support over the years. Please do subscribe to our channel to get the latest video exclusives from the Eurovision Song Contest. 

We'd also like to thank the team who made this happen, as well as the EBU and all the participating delegations and their partners who have contributed exciting content to our channel. We look forward to creating more videos for your enjoyment in the coming years!