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Terry returns to Eurovision

Terry Vision is a senior reporter for the website ESC Insight, and he came out of retirement to grace the assembled media with his presence in Baku. Terry attracted a huge amount of interest from many international media stations, and could often be seen interviewing the artists of 2012 in his own inimitable and entertaining style. 

A hit with the ladies

Terry Vision also attracted a lot of female attention during his time in Baku. He even got a marriage proposal from one of the 2012 competing artists!. You can find out who and also hear what Terry thinks of the present United Kingdom commentator Graham Norton in our video below.

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Terry Vision on the red carpet

At the opening reception of the Eurovision Song Contest, Terry Vision was positioned on the red carpet and he spoke to many of the competing artists. You can see him ask some hilarious questions, and watch the mix of reactions the various competitors had when meeting Terry as they walked down the red carpet to enter the party in ESC Insight's video below.

Return to the commentary booth?

On the day of the Grand Final in Baku, Terry Vision spoke to our very own Eurovision Event Supervisor, Sietse Bakker. Terry quizzed Sietse about whether the voting may be fixed for the Russian grannies to win the competition and discussed his potential return to the commentary booth in the ESC Insight video below.

These are just a few samples of the many entertaining interviews which Terry Vision conducted at the Eurovision Song Contest. If you enjoyed watching them and would like to see more, you can do so on Terry's page at ESC Insight.