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Terrific Irish Hospitality

18 May 2008 at 17:01 CEST

Guests were welcomed at the entrance to the pub, and given special Dustin the Turkey and Irish souvenirs such as green shamrock spectacles, and Dustin the Turkey T-shirts. A huge replica figure of Dustin was put facing outwards in the front window so that guests could easily identify the location!.

A very enthusiastic Irish delegation were networking throughout, ensuring that all attending were being looked after properly with an excellent supply of food and drinks laid on. Amongst other artists there were the Czech republic's Tereza Kerndlova and Finland's Terasbetoni. 

Dustin appeared for his public at around 9pm. He told some jokes, spoke of his experiences so far in Belgrade. He joked with Czech singer Tereza saying "Hey Tereza, why did you leave my room so early this morning? I woke up and you weren't there!". This drew huge laughter. Dustin then treated the crowd to a performance of Irlande Douze Points this years Irish Eurovision Song Contest entry. He received a huge ovation and the party then drew to a close.

Prior to the party,'s Glen Webb was granted access to make a short interview with Dustin the Turkey, check out the YouTube link below to hear what the witty puppet had to say for himself!.