Tereza had some fun at today's rehearsal

Tereza Kerndlová was brilliant throughout her rehearsal today, and it seems like she and her team are well-prepared for the second 2008 Eurovision Song Contest Final on 22th of May. In addition to Tereza, there are four female dancers on stage. The choreography of the dancers fits the song well because it brings out the feeling of being happy, having fun and being in a discotheque - just as the title of the song implies. In the background, a DJ stands on a rather big stage construction shaped as a big, silver heart with wings. During the rehearsal it was also revealed that pyrotechnics will be used for the show.

On the 5th of November 2007, Tereza released her second solo album Have Some Fun. The disc was recorded in Belgium with producer Stan Šimor. A number of well-known musicians contributed to the record, amongst them, Gordon Pogoda who wrote one of the songs for the global hit series Sex and the City. It was with the title track that she won the Czech Republic’s national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2008.


The Czech team expressed their satisfaction with today's rehearsal at the press conference. Moreover they are happy with the whole arrangement of the performance, including the choreography and the DJ. A person from the Norwegian press asked what Czech Republic has done in order to get a better place than what obtained last year when the country made its debut in the Eurovision Song Contest. To this it was replied that more up-tempo and pop songs were included in this year's Czech preselection.  Tereza Kerndlová finished the press conference with singing a part of her song together with two of her backing singers for the accredited press and the fans.


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