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Tension is rising before the Grand Final

Posted 26 May 2012 at 19:15

It's late afternoon in Baku now, and locals, fans, and press are all eagerly anticipating tonight's Final of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest.
Before the third dress rehearsal, the artists are now waiting backstage, getting their make-up done, training their voices, and dressing up for their stage acts.
In the afternoon rehearsal, they will all rehearse their songs and choreographies one last time before going back to their dressing rooms. Then most of them will just relax, have dinner, and enjoy the last day of the Eurovision weeks in Baku.
Meanwhile, the first fans are arriving at the Baku Crystal Hall. They look for their seats, get a drink, and check out the official merchandise while waving their flags. The Spanish fans were very excited: "we have a good song and a good performer, Go Pastora!". Of course the most visible and numerous flags are the Azerbaijani ones.
The 26 acts competing in the Grand Final of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in order of appearance are:
  1. UNITED KINGDOM - Engelbert Humperdinck - Love Will Set You Free
  2. HUNGARY - Compact Disco - Sound Of Our Hearts
  3. ALBANIA - Rona Nishliu - Suus
  4. LITHUANIA - Donny Montell - Love Is Blind
  5. BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA - Maya Sar - Korake Ti Znam
  6. RUSSIA - Buranovskiye Babushki - Party For Everybody
  7. ICELAND - Greta Salóme & Jónsi - Never Forget
  8. CYPRUS - Ivi Adamou - La La Love
  9. FRANCE - Anggun - Echo (You And I)
  10. ITALY - Nina Zilli - L'Amore È Femmina (Out Of Love)
  11. ESTONIA - Ott Lepland - Kuula
  12. NORWAY - Tooji - Stay
  13. AZERBAIJAN - Sabina Babayeva - When The Music Dies
  14. ROMANIA - Mandinga - Zaleilah
  15. DENMARK - Soluna Samay - Shoud've Known Better
  16. GREECE - Eleftheria Eleftheriou - Aphrodisiac
  17. SWEDEN - Loreen - Euphoria
  18. TURKEY - Can Bonomo - Love Me Back
  19. SPAIN - Pastora Soler - Quédate Conmigo (Stay With Me)
  20. GERMANY - Roman Lob - Standing Still
  21. MALTA - Kurt Calleja - This Is The Night
  22. F.Y.R. MACEDONIA - Kaliopi - Crno I Belo
  23. IRELAND - Jedward - Waterline
  24. SERBIA - Željko Joksimović - Nije Ljubav Stvar
  25. UKRAINE - Gaitana - Be My Guest
  26. MOLDOVA - Pasha Parfeny - Lăutar
And, apart from the honour of hosting next year's contest, this is the prize they are fighting for:
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