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Tension grows in Finland after submission deadline

04 September 2009 at 13:24 CEST

YLE already announced the start of their national selection in the summer. A call for songs was open till the 31st of August, a total of 267 entries were received which is a little lower than the previous times Finland has had an open competition. The broadcaster is pleased, though. 

"We are very pleased with the amount of demos considering the more strict rules. For example, each composer could submit up to two tracks including demos and high technical standards," says the Executive Producer of the Finnish selection, Merete Manninen. Their goal was to get higher quality entries and that they achieved, Manninnen told.

Wildcards given by SMSs

Now a jury will choose the songs to qualify for the SMS voting, to be held between 1st and 15th of October. The amount of these entries is not yet determined but depends on "the quality of the demos", according to YLE. Three highest ranked songs of this round will qualify for the televised selection. 

The list of the qualifiers for the SMS-voting will be released on the 30th of September. The same goes for the twelve invited artists by YLE. 

Currently the ruling King of Tango - Amadeus Lundberg - is automatically qualified for the Finnish national selection but can still say 'no' to it. 

The national selection for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Finland will be held in January, with three heats on consecutive Fridays. From every show three winners will qualify for the final and one will be selected by a jury, possibly an international one. The Finnish representative for Europe's favourite TV-show in 2010 will be chosen on the 30th of January.