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Ten artists qualified for Spain's semi-final

05 February 2011 at 01:05 CET

It was show time again in Barcelona, as Anne Igartiburu introduced the expert jury to the audience of "Destino Eurovisión". In this second show, Spanish Television, TVE, is still looking for the artist only.

Like in the first show, the artists competed in groups of three and the jury eliminated one of them. This was the first group of the night:

  • Pau Quero (Abanibi)
  • Lorena Rosales (My Number One)
  • Don Johnsons (Yo Soy Aquel)

And the evicted artist was Pau Quero. The secong group took the stage then:

  • Sergi Albert (Hold Me Now)
  • Mónica Guech (Believe)
  • Alazán (Bandido)

This time the jury thought that Alazan copied too much the original performers of Bandido, their relatives Azúcar Moreno, and they decided to take them out of the competition.

 while three new artists tried their luck:

  • Sebas (Te Perdí - Molitva)
  • Melissa (Après Toi - Si Te Vas)
  • Sometimes (Waterloo)

It was the acapella-band Sometimes that left the competition at this stage. The last singer's group of the night included:

  • Valeria Antonella (Tus Besos Son Para Mi - Save Your Kisses For Me)
  • We (Enséñame A Cantar)
  • Esmeralda Grao (Nacida Para Amar)

And the jury decided to eliminate Mexican singer Valeria Antonella. So at that point the televote had eight artists to choose from, and while they were casting their votes we were treated to the guest performances of Malu and the Spanish singer of 2001 David Civera, who sang a new version of Dile Que La Quiero, that gave Spain its best placing of the last ten years, a 6th position. The last guest was jury member Merche.

The televote results qualified Esmeralda Grao, Melissa and Sebas while the jury went for Mónica Guech and Don Johnsons. They will be joined by last weeks winners, David Sancho, Da Igual, Lucia Perez, Auryn and Gio to the semifinal next friday, where only three of them will make it to the final.

The winner of "Destino Eurovisión" will go on to represent Spain in the Final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf the 14th of May.