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Tell us, what does Eurovision mean to you?

In the coming weeks we will be producing a series of articles documenting the testimonies of the dedicated and loving fans of the Eurovision Song Contest. We will also selectively be publishing your stories and photos on our social media sites. If you have a story to tell, we want to hear from you.

How can I be part of this?

We want to celebrate our fans on a variety of platforms - right here on and on our Social media sites.

We want to know how you became a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest, what is it that makes you watch year after year, your favourite moments and your favourite songs.

Your photos are also a very important way for us to pay tribute to our fans. Maybe you have memorabilia you can show us, pictures of you attending the competition or maybe you were photographed together with your favourite artists?

These are some of the ways you can contact us:

  • Write your story in the comments field below and if we like it, we will publish it with a link to your profile.
  • Upload your photos to Instagram using the hastag #MyEurovision and we may publish them here on and our social media sites. Remember to follow us at "Eurovision".  
  • Comment our statuses regarding this on Facebook with your story.
  • Tweet us at @Eurovision using the hashtag #MyEurovision.

If you have friends and family who are also fans, tell them about this too. We'd love to hear from as many people as possible!