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Telenor Arena prepares for Eurovision party!

Posted 29 May 2010 at 17:50

This afternoon the arena has been buzzing with activity. Walking backstage the crew are working in all sorts of different roles and scurrying about preparing for tonight's final of the 55th Eurovision Song Contest.
Oddly enough, there also seems to be a bit of time for more light hearted activities, such as all the crew piling onto stage to have their photo done before it's too late and the stage disappears at the end of the competition. Also, a certain Eurovision.tv journalist and photographer found time to explore the stage capturing the moment before it is shared!
During the course of our walk around, we stood in the middle of the empty arena looking on at the stunning stage in all its splendour. We also had a chance to look at the commentators boxes, peaking into VRT's and the BBC's... Graham Norton has certainly been busy fitting his little box out with British flags and pictures of Josh Dubovie - A sight to behold!
Backstage the artists haven't arrived yet, but there was a lot of preparation going on with Heads of Delegations at the stage desk, crew members by the stage, on the stage, and behind the stage, all making sure everything was ready for the 21:00 CET kickoff.
We are all very excited to say the least!!
Anyway, stay tuned for more, as later on we will be going backstage to gauge the reactions, from the artists and their teams. In the meantime take a peak at our gallery below... The Arena just hours before we go live to the world!!
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