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Krista Siegfrids performed 'Marry Me' on stage in Malmö in 2013
Krista Siegfrids performed 'Marry Me' on stage in Malmö in 2013
Photo: EBU

Team 'Ding Dong' is on fire!

"Second rehearsal, What could possibly go wrong?" was Krista's rethorical question backstage before they she and her Team 'Ding Dong' started singing Alicia Keys' Girl On Fire with new lyrics: "This team is on fire" " always!", added Krista.

After some ding dongs on her way to the stage it becomes obvious that everyone is aware that the Finnish group is in the house, and crew members asked them for greetings and photos, to Kristas' delight: "I got friends here!".

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The stage is filled with colour for the performance of Marry Me. The backdrops welcomes us to the fabulous ding dong Krista who wears her wedding dress during the three minutes proposal. Not to miss the very end of the song which features the wedding climax, including a lesbian kiss!

The press conference

Krista started her press conference by thanking the organisation "I have no complaints". But was she 100% happy? "Seems like I'm not very good doing my own make-up here, but thnakfully we have also make-up consultation".

She then recognised that Carola is her Eurovision idol, and joined the Team 'Ding Dong' for a live a capella singing of the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest winner Fångad Av En Stormvind. Dance routine included. "The Spice Girls are my non-Eurovision idols".

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After singing this Marry Me song she's got many proposals but not one from her own boyfriend: "looks like we're not marrying yet".

Comparisons with Katy Perry or Lady Gaga are cool, but "I'm finally living my biggest dream, singing my own songs, yeterday my first album was released, I cannot be happier!". She has crossed many roads musically: punk, rock, stage musicals "and now ding dong!".

About the "surprise" kiss with one of her female backing singers at the end of their performance in the rehearsals she said that "the kiss is not a surprise anymore; it's 2013, and I can kiss anyone I want". There's no stopping us in the live shows".

To conclude the press conference she invited everyone to her team: "Everybody can join our happy team!".