Tamara Vrcak & Adrian up and running

Tamara, Vrčak, and Adrijan are young, talented, and very popular performers in FYR Macedonia.Tamara is a student of the Skopje Music Academy. Vrčak is a well known composer, songwriter, and performer. Adrijan is a Music High School graduate currently studying English.

During rehearsals, the team were trying one of two ideas they have for the stage performance in the Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Final. The first idea involved a wall on stage, divided in to three parts, the left and right sides with photographs and the middle one being a gate. Tamara emerges through the gate at the start of the song, and there are two male dancers on stage and one female backing vocalist to support the trio.

Head of Delegation Milanka Rasic introduced the team at the press conference. The first question came from a British journalist who was interested in finding out how the idea of three singers, who had enjoyed successful solo careers came together for the Eurovision Song Contest project. Vrčak replies "It was my idea, we were all close friends beforehand, I was the complete author of the song. I knew the others voices, so it was a natural choice really, we have the same energy." 

FYR Macedonia has a 100% record of qualifying from the Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Finals to date and a journalist asked Tamara whether this prior record at was any more pressure on them. She said "Yes, very much it does. I hope that we will pass through the Semi-Final, we believe in the song, we believe it is a good song. The audience reaction we see is very positive. We hope that we will qualify and also have the highest ever placement in the Final."

Understandably, a question regarding the tragic and untimely death of FYR Macedonia's Tose Proeski was raised, and head of delegation Milanka Rasic went on to explain that a special documentary programme was made in London, focusing mainly on the international success of Tose's career. It is planned that this will be shown not only as a premiere at the FYR Macedonia party in Belgrade on 15th May but also during one of the build up programmes prior to the Eurovision Song Contest.

The press conference closed with Tamara Vrčak & Adrian inviting the press and media to enjoy local wine and food at the party organised by FYR Macedonia. FYR Macedonia will compete in the Second Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest on Thursday May 22nd.





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