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Tamara Todevska to Tel Aviv for F.Y.R. Macedonia

25 January 2019 at 19:59 CET
Tamara Todevska Goran V. Popovski // HLVK
Broadcaster MKRTV has chosen Tamara Todevska to represent F.Y.R. Macedonia at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. Tamara has graced the Eurovision stage more than once, but this will be her first appearance as a solo artist!

Tamara has been on stage since she was six years old and comes from a family of musicians; her mother is an opera singer at the Macedonian Opera, her father a professor at the Academy of Music in Skopje and her sister is Tijana Dapcevic, who represented the country at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

Tamara herself is no stranger to the Eurovision Song Contest either, as she has taken the stage three times before: As a backing singer for the late Tose Proeski in 2004, as part of the trio Tamara, Vrčak & Adrijan in 2008 and as a backing singer for her sister Tijana in 2014.

As of yet, Tamara has a track record of two solo albums and many hit singles in her home country. She performed a solo concert in 2015 at the largest indoor venue in Skopje for an audience of thousands of fans.

Tamara is aiming for the second position at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, since she is dubbed "the eternal second" while performing at numerous pop music festivals. But she is still hopeful that people will expect her to snatch the trophy this year!

Tamara's song will be announced at a later date. What do you think of the Macedonian representative in Tel Aviv? Let us know in the comments!