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Tall Bulgarians on fire

04 May 2009 at 10:56 CEST

In the Bulgarian rehearsal, the live version of the entry to be presented in the Eurovision Song Contest was first revealed. Krassimir Avramov high-pitched leading song was supplemented by a powerful female singer. Another two female choir singers were present in the front section of the large stage. In the background, two dancers on stilts performed an acrobatic dance.

In the performance, the figure of Krassimir Avramov is contrasted against a background on the very large LED screens consisting of mainly fire and wheels of metal. Krassimir himself moves little during the performance, but lets the tall dancers do the most of the acrobatics. Today, he was dressed in a tie and a simple white shirt and black pants.


A graduate of the National Academy for Theatrical and Film Arts, Krassimir Avramov released his debut album, Silent Voices, in 1997 which topped the pop charts in Bulgaria. One year later Krassimir’s journey would continue in the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles. At the 2005 L.A. Music Awards, Krassimir received a very prestigious award: he won Superstar Of The Year for his 2005 album Popera! Now, the singer is featured in the album The Best Pop-Opera 2009, Volume 2 alongside pop opera virtuosos like Jose Carreras and Mario Frangoulis. Krassimir’s song Memories was even selected as the pilot single of this album. In February, he won the Bulgarian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest in Sofia.

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After finishing the rehearsal,, the Bulgarian team was quick to go the press conference. Krassimir Avramov managed the press conference in qualified English, and his backing stilt dancers explaied that they are American and belong to a famous group used to permances with artists like Britney Spears. Krassimir also talked about his musical style, and explained that he has chosen to call it popera.

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We wanted to make a mix with esthetically different sounds, not the standard pop cliché or opera," he said.