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Take part in the first #EurovisionMeme Contest!

Memes are nothing new in the world wide web anymore, and probably you have seen plenty of them. But have you ever stumbled upon Eurovision-related memes?

We know that some dedicated fans have started creating and sharing them, and as we've already had a good laugh or two with some of them, we'd like you to get all creative.

Create, design, and post your own Eurovision memes, and share them with the Eurovision community on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #EurovisionMemes! 

Retweet, like, and share those memes you like best until January 3rd! Then we will reveal the funniest and most popular memes we've come across right here on

So, what should you do?

Just as with all the memes out there, we don't have any fixed rules. You can create a Eurovision-themed meme based on popular characters that already exist, for example about 2014 Eurovision Song Contest entries...

...or about something notable that happened in the contest this year:

Or you can use images from the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, and turn them into memes!

Or even better: You can paint your own meme images to caption:

So, what are you still waiting for?

And in four days from now, we will share the best of them with you!

No... Unfortunately, we cannot give out actual prizes. But we are sure that great fame is awaiting you.