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Synchronised miming for Lithuania's InCulto

21 May 2010 at 17:48 CEST
InCulto took 'Eastern European Funk' to the stage in 2010 EBU

The Lithuanian show for the entry Eastern European Funk is marked out by InCulto's particular style. They use synchronised dance moves and make heavy use of mime poses. In the very beginning, they start miming playing instruments without any props. After the first refrain, they pick up five inflatable musical instruments, all in different colours, which they mimic playing for a short time before throwing them to the stage floor. For the last rehearsal this day, the guys removed their trousers towards the end of the song, just like in the first rehearsal a few days ago, revealing sparkling glittery silver boxer shorts.

Only minor changes in the lighting and cameras have been undertaken since the first rehearsal of InCulto. At the second rehearsal, further adjustments were discussed, including changes for the break in the later part of the song, when the stage is darkened and the only a few lights flash very frequently to a few dramatic dance moves from the guys. For this part of the song, more lighting is now discussed. This is aimed at making the artists more visible, especially for the close-up shots.


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Showmanship – despite having a cold

At the press conference after the rehearsal, the lead singer Jurgis Didžiulis told that he has a cold and feel a bit unwell. However, he counts on fighting it off before the big night. Despite the illness, the group said that their energy was high after the rehearsal. The guys hadn't had the opportunity to change their trousers after rehearsing, so they conducted the press conference in the glittery boxer shorts. They entered the press conference in a showmanship manner, wielding drum, trumpet and guitar to great acclaim from the attendance.

Their entry, Eastern European Funk, was previously tried by the EBU for being political, but passed the test. At the press conference, the group received a question on to which extent they are political.

"To have a social agenda and be aware of problems could be called political, but if you analyse it, you could find that most things have a political aspect," they replied.

After first performing and then answering the journalist's questions, InCulto performed once more, this time with Dancing Lasha Tumbai, the Ukrainian entry from the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest.

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