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Switzerland: Urban rock

03 May 2009 at 16:11 CEST

The Swiss Lovebugs is one of many acts in Moscow who has chosen to make heavy use of the LED  screens. The many movable screens on the stage display imagery of a modern city with many high skyscrapers.

”The heighest heights - the highest buildings,” the band joked from the stage, and during their performance urged the spectators – a handful of journalists, assistants and people from the production – to clap along with the song.

When the refrain of The Highest Heights, the buildings on the LED screens are removed to reveal a soaring imagery with a snowy mountain chain. Later on in the song, the screens lets the viewer soar in space over the entire planet.


Lovebugs has turned into a phenomenon. The five artists have been working together for fifteen years. Atmospheric guitars and melancholic underlying themes, paired with a hypnotic, driving beat, are characteristic of their sound. The Lovebugs have played over 1,000 concerts throughout Europe, supported the Rolling Stones, and are regarded as one of Switzerland's most successful bands. After three number one albums, they now present The Highest Heights, their tenth album, produced by Richard Rainey (U2). The group was selected internally by Swiss TV to represent the country in the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow.

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On the press conference, the group said that they want to rock'n'roll Moscow. When a questioner asked whether their music is unfitting for the Eurovision Song Contest, they defended their place in the contest.

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