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Switzerland's Anna is in love for a while

30 March 2011 at 02:42 CEST

However, when it comes to stardom and an international career, the  likeable and refreshingly modest singer has both feet firmly on the  ground: “I’m far from being a star. I just love to make music with the  other members of my band, Georg Dillier (bass) and Manuel Meisel  (guitar). We’ll wait and see what happens.”

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The catchy and tastefully-arranged acoustic song has been written and  produced by the well-known Swiss musician David Klein, who has  previously composed songs for stars such as Herbert Grönemeyer, Xavier  Naidoo and Sarah Connor. He discovered the charismatic Anna as she was  busking in the street and decided there and then to write a song just  for her. “Switzerland hasn’t had such a talented singer with the  potential to become an international star for years”, according to  Klein.

Switzerland was one of the first countries this year to hold its national final which took place in mid-December. In the show, twelve performances were sung live in front of a big  audience at the Bodensee Arena in Kreuzlingen, and evaluated by  an expert panel consisting of Baschi, Nik Hartmann, Francine Jordi, Pepe  Lienhard and Peter Reber, although the winner was decided by televoting  only. The audience clearly went for Anna's song.

In 2010, Switzerland came last in the second Semi-Final of the  Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo with Michael Von Der Heide's Il Pleut De L'Or. Anna Rossinelli will try to take their country to the Final for the  first time in five years and follow in the footsteps of the first ever  Eurovision Song Contest winner in 1956, Lys Assia, or worldwide  superstar Celine Dion, who took the trophy for the alpine country in  1988.

Watch Anna's preview video of In Love For A While here: