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Switzerland rock the Crystal Hall

13 May 2012 at 17:15 CEST

Backstage, Sinplus were in a relaxed mood as they laughed and joked whilst running through their preparations. Both of the brothers Ivan and Gabriel Broggini admitted "It is good to finally be here after many months of preparation."

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The group were seemingly keen to take to the stage, as even during their first sound rehearsal, they threw everything in to the performance. 

Flashing light and pyro's on stage

For the staging, the two brothers are lead vocalists, both dressed in leather jackets, one black and one green. They are joined by a male drummer and female electric guitarist. To add to the visual effect, there are a set of speakers on stage.

The three guys are all wearing the Unbreakable t-shirts that viewers have been accustomed to seeing them in during their performances of late.

The LED backdrop gives the effect of travelling through a tunnel, as there are flashing blue, red, green and white lines shooting all over the stage, with flashing white spotlights intermittently. For the last rehearsal the group also used pyrotechnic flame effects prior to the last chorus.

It was evident to see that the routine was well practiced, and that the long promo tour has helped the group perfect the energetic stage act for Europe's Favourite TV Show.

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Following their rehearsal, Sinplus held their first press conference. They opened by saying "Everything is great, just finished our rehearsal, very pleased with the light and sound, it's great."

Crazy hair!

When asked about their image for the stage the brothers replied "Our style is part of our band. Image is something you have to take care of. We want to make something energetic, that's why we've got crazy hair, it's rock and roll style!."

It was pointed out that it was December 2011 when Sinplus actually won the Swiss final. The guys were asked how they felt about that and whether it was stressful to wait so long before the Eurovision Song Contest.

They said "It wasn't stressful at all, it's great thing, we had so much time to prepare the whole thing, the new album, the video. Our album will come out after Eurovision. We worked almost every day on this contest so it was good to have all of this time."

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Lys Assia wishes Sinplus well

The song lyric of Unbreakable talks about following your wildest dreams, Sinplus were asked by a press member what would be their wildest dream, and replied "Well, it's Important to bring a strong message, our wildest dream is to play music and bring the energy and music to the people. It's simple but it's not so easy to reach. Now we're here we hope that the audience will think we have three minutes of joy, and that would be the wildest dream."

The brothers talked about meeting and competing against Lys Assia in the Swiss national final, they held her in high regard, remarking "Lys is a legend, she is still singing, still playing music, We want to do it at that age too!. It means music can really give something more. She was really nice with us. She called us before we left and told us to enjoy the experience."

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