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Switzerland: Mélanie returns to shine on stage

16 May 2015 at 19:27 CEST
Switzerland's Mélanie René returned to the Wiener Stadthalle for her second rehearsal today. After a successful first rehearsal, she was keen to get back into action and perform Time To Shine again. 

A humble, yet determined individual, Mélanie René really wants to give it her best shot for Switzerland at the second Semi-Final on the 21st of May. 

Waiting to go on stage, the delegation appeared relax but were also in quite anticipation of what was to come, a final chance to rehearse and make adjustments to their presentation before the first dress rehearsal on Monday.

Magic in an enchanted forest 

Mélanie René's performance is something reminiscent of a fairytale; an enchanted forest in a magical world. Her vocals were very strong and her eye contact with the camera especially stood out and was convincing. In terms of changes, the whole presentation has been fine-tuned and looks more refined. 

The vibe of the presentation, which is very important in terms of connecting with the viewing audience, is very positive and Mélanie smiles throughout the performance reflecting the incredibly positive and motivational nature of Time To Shine.

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"My Mauritian roots are with me wherever I go"

The Swiss postcard involves Mélanie playing ice hockey on a frozen lake. The first time that she had played ice hockey in her life so it was an interesting experience!

Mélanie was asked by a Dutch journalist whether her Mauritian background has influenced her music to which she replied, "it has; in fact everything in my life is influenced by Mauritius. When I hear a song for the first time I always notice the rhythm first, which is very Mauritian". 

Asked about whether or not last year's Swiss participant, Sebalter had offered any advice, Mélanie replied, "yes, he told me never to lose sight of the passion and music".

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