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Switzerland: 18 acts proceed to live expert check

Posted 22 November 2013 at 9:49

The Swiss national selection was already kicked off in summer, with the three national broadcasters conducting open selections to find potential Eurovision entries.
Now the selection has been narrowed down to 18 candidates. They will perform live in front of a jury of music experts on November 30th. In this event, which is to be broadcast live on www.srf.ch/eurovision, the jury will pick the six acts to move forward to the national final, to be broadcast on February 1st from the Bodensee Arena in Kreuzlingen, according to their vocal abilities and stage presence.
The following 9 acts have been chosen through the web platform of SRF, the German-language broadcaster:
  • 3forAll - Together Forever
  • Arxplendida - Mercurii diei
  • Gosia - I'm Not Afraid
  • Hot Connection - Music From The Sixties
  • Martin Kirchberger - Yourope
  • Nino Colonna - La luce del cuore
  • One Day Remains - Alpha
  • Swissters - Celebration
  • Yasmina Hunzinger - I Still Believe
Six more acts have been picked by the French-language broadcaster - you can listen to them on the RTS website:
  • Christian Tschanz - Au paradis
  • Lola Sparkes - Baby Can't You See
  • Joël Murner - In My Life
  • Natacha & Stéphanie - Une terre sans vous
  • Paula Marengo - J'ai envie de toi
  • Tanita - Another Day Alone
The Italian broadcaster RSI has chosen three more entries for the expert check:
  • Jasmine Mossier - Higher Love
  • Sebalter - Hunter Of Stars
  • Valentino Alfano - 103 parole
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