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Swiss 2006 representative releases debut single

29 July 2013 at 16:32 CEST

In 2006, Switzerland was represented by what probably was the most international band in Eurovision history: six musicians from six different countries, hence the name Six4one. After the Eurovision Song Contest in Athens, the singers moved on with their solo careers.

The only band member native to Switzerland, Claudia d'Addio, has now released her first official single. It's called La Mossa (The brush-off) and it's a fiery and rhythmic song playing with Diamá's Italian roots: "La Mossa" is a move that women do with their hips to "brush off" an unwelcome reaction or an advance by a guy or a group of people. After producing a swirling sound, they move their hips in horizontal circles from side to side, ending with a kick.

The rhythm of the song reminds of I Bottari, a traditional rhythm from Southern Italy, as does the melody played by a guitar, recalling the historic dark beauty of Naples. If you listen closely, you can even spot Diamá rhyming in Neapolitan dialect.

You can listen to a preview of the song on Soundcloud, and you can buy the single on Itunes. If you like it, be sure not to miss Diamá's upcoming album We're Not Done!

And of course you can remind yourself of Six4one's performance of If We All Give A Little in the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest on Youtube: