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Swedish show to be illuminated by 35,000 light staffs

15 May 2010 at 20:45 CEST

The planning for the Swedish stage show in Oslo involves all of the arena. The delegation hopes to fill all of Telenor Arena with fluorescent light staffs. And the numbers are huge. A special order has been placed with an American manufacturer for 35,000 staffs, reports the local website To get a warm feeling, the yellow colour of the staffs from the national selection has been switched to red.

Furthermore, new stage costumes are ordered, the choreography has been refined and the backing singers have received new vocals. According to the Swedish newspaper Expressen, the new dress of Anna Bergendahl will keep the champagne colour from the national selection. However, there will be a new and sensational detail, yet to be revealed.

Anna Bergendahl herself has been kept busy recently. Not only with her first album, Yours Sincerely, released in April, but also with her studies. Right before she goes to Oslo, she graduates from upper secondary school.

Watch the new video clip

Recently, a video clip for the entry This Is My Life was released. The video features Anna walking on train rails. This stirred a reaction from the National Rail Administration in Sweden, where keeping people away from the rails has been a priority. However, Anna's record company Lionheart International expressed their understanding of the situation, and the matter was resolved peacefully. Watch the video clip here:


Remember the light staffs from the Swedish national selection Melodifestivalen? If not, watch the live performance here: