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Swedish hosts advise fans on tickets and accommodation for Malmö 2013

11 July 2012 at 22:00 CEST

The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the world's biggest TV programmes and is followed by many thousands of fans and professionals. Many have already tried to obtain tickets and book hotels since Malmö was announced as the host city.

However, the Swedish production group for the event aims to offer reassurance. There is still a way to go until the official tickets for the shows are put on sale. Show producer Christer Björkman advises people not to buy tickets from the channels they are being sold today.

"Do not buy tickets now. As usual there are many who want to profit from the event, but there is a long time before the tickets are released. We will be drawing up plans for the stage and then will subsequently produce a seating plan", he says.

Regret the sale of tickets

The executive producer Martin Österdahl apologises for the unauthorised sale of tickets.

"There is no legal way to stop this. If others make use of our brand, logos etc then we will contact them and make sure that they stop", he says.

"In addition we refer to the practice that exists in the industry that dictates that you do not recommend that fans purchase tickets that do not originate from the official sales channels and from the official organiser".

The promise - There is accommodation

Christer Björkman has attended nearly every Eurovision Song Contest during the past few decades. He believes that there is no reason for stress amongst those who are already trying to book hotel rooms in Malmö.

"As is customary, the organisers have booked up everything in the way of hotels in order to accomodate the delegations and so on. we know this happens every year. If you are told that there are no hotel rooms available, then that is why but later on they will be released", he says.

In previous years accomodation agencies have been used in various forms in the host cities. Christer Björkman promises a solution that will ensure that all guests are offered rooms in a similar way.

"We are going to look at alternative accomodation and publish the options so that everyone can find a suitable solution".

Two international airports

It is already known that the Eurovision Song Contest will take place on the 14th, 16th and 18th of May and therefore it is possible for those who want to, to book their travel. Both Malmö Sturup Airport and Copenhagen Kastrup Airport are located close to the arena.

"Travel is one area in which we do not envisage any problems by already booking now. Access is extremely good when you consider that there are two international airports within 20 minutes of the arena", says Christer Björkman.

"Amazing experience"

By choosing Malmö and the Malmö Arena on Sunday, the groundwork for the Eurovision Song Contest has been laid. Christer Björkman believes that an unforgettable world can be created around the event.

"By arranging the event in Malmö, we believe that we can create a Eurovision Song Contest in its true spirit, where focus lies with the heart and the artists. We are going to create a Eurovision world that will be an amazing experience for everyone that visits the city", he says.

"We know after several years of organising Melodifestivalen (the Swedish national selection) at the Malmö Arena that we can create an immensely good atmosphere there with all the emotions that we believe belong to the Eurovision Song Contest. Now we are incredibly charged to reach new creative heights with the shows".

News will be published online

From now on all direct news about the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest will be published at and, where the event's official Swedish website will be located. Christer Björkman recommends that all those interested should keep an eye on these websites.

"Follow the websites so that you do not miss anything. We will continually publish all the information there", he says.