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Swedes pick their star in March

Posted 14 September 2010 at 14:18

The first event connected to the selection is set to be televised on the 8th of November, where the two so-called web jokers will be picked.
However, the first semi-final of the show will be broadcast on the 5th of February from the Coop Arena in Luleå, followed by the second semi-final in Gothenburg in the Scandinavium on the 12th of February.
The third and fourth semi-finals will be organised in the cities of Linköping and Malmö, respectively on 19th and 26th of February. Followed by the second chance round in Sundsvall on the 5th of March.
The final is going to be held, almost traditionally, in the Globen Arena in Stockholm on the 12th of March.
Melodifestivalen is the Swedish way of picking their entry to Europe's favourite TV-show, which has enjoyed a huge popularity across the country, making it the biggest music event in Scandinavia.
Last year's winner Anna Bergendahl achieved the 11th place in the second Semi-Final, held in the neighbouring country of Norway.
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