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Sweden's third stop: Skellefteå

16 February 2013 at 01:46 CET

Four acts are already qualified for the Swedish final. Last week in Gothenburg it was Sean Banan and Louise Hoffsten who joined it after YOHIO and David Lindgren did so in the first semi-final.

The third semi-final of Melodifestivalen 2013 takes place tonight in Skellefteå's Kraft Arena. The line-up will be as follows (composers & authors in brackets):

  1. Eddie RazazAlibi (Peter Boström & Thomas G:son)
  2. Elin PeterssonIsland (Elin Petersson)
  3. RavaillaczEn Riktig Jävla Schlager (Kjell Jennstig, Leif Goldkuhl & Henrik Dorsin)
  4. Amanda FondellDumb (Freja Blomberg, Fredrik Samsson)
  5. Martin RolinskiIn And Out Of Love (Thomas G:son, Andreas Rickstrand & Martin Rolinski)
  6. Caroline af UgglasHon Har Inte (Heinz Liljedahl & Caroline af Ugglas)
  7. State Of DramaFalling (Göran Werner, Sebastian Hallifax, Emil Gullhamn & James Hallifax)
  8. Janet LeonHeartstrings (Fredrik Kempe & Anton Malmberg Hård af Segerstad)

(photo: Carl-Johan Söder SVT)

Several young Melodifestivalen debutants take part this week: Eddie Razaz, a former Idol contestant; Elin Petersson, winner of SVT's non-established-writers competition; Amanda Fondell, the latest winner of Idol; State of Drama, winners of the contest Metro on Stage and Janet Leon, who took part in the show Made In Sweden.

Ravaillacz includes Tommy Körberg, who won Melodifestivalen in 1969 and 1988 and thus represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest on both occasions. Martin Rolinski was the lead singer of BWO which participated four times in MF reaching the second place in 2006. Caroline af Ugglas was also a runner-up in this competition in 2009.

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You can follow the semi-final live at 20:00 CET with the SVT webcast.

Two of the acts tonight will join the Final at the Friend's Arena in Stockholm on the 9th of March, while two others will join the second chance round (Andra Chansen) along with Cookies 'N' Beans, Eric Gadd, Anton Ewald and Erik & Tone in Karlstad on the 2nd of March.