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Sweden finds two more finalists in Gothenburg

15 February 2014 at 22:33 CET

The third semi-final of Melodifestivalen, moved to Sweden's second city, Gothenburg, and the 1985 Eurovision Song Contest venue Scandinavium. There the following eight songs competed for two final spots:

  1. Outtrigger - Echo (Joy Deb, Linnéa Deb, Anton Malmberg Hård Af Segerstad, Outtrigger)
  2. EKO - Red (Linnéa Deb, Joy Deb, Anna Lidman, Hannes Lundberg, Michael Ottosson)
  3. Oscar Zia - Yes We Can (Fredrik Kempe, David Kreuger, Hamed "K-One” Pirouzpanah)
  4. Shirley Clamp - Burning Alive (Bobby Ljunggren, Marcos Ubeda, Sharon Vaughn, Henrik Wikström)
  5. State of Drama - All We Are (Göran Werner, Sanken Sandqvist, Emil Gullhamn, Sebastian Hallifax)
  6. CajsaStina Åkerström - En Enkel Sång (CajsaStina Åkerström)
  7. Ace Wilder - Busy Doin’ Nothin’ (Ace Wilder, Joy Deb, Linnéa Deb)
  8. dr. alban & Jessica Folcker - Around The World (dr. alban, Jakke Erixson, Karl-Ola Kjellholm)

Participants in the third semi-final of Melodifestivalen. Photo: Olle Kirchmeier (SVT)

State of Drama reached the finals of Melodifestivalen 2013 with their song Falling. Both dr. alban and Jessica Folcker had international hits in the past and now join forces for this year's Swedish selection, Jessica also participated in the competition before. Shirley Clamp entered Melodifestivalen several times reaching 2nd place in 2004. EKO got a wildcard as the winners of Svensktoppen nästa back in August.

"Vi här ett resultat!"

After the first round of voting Shirley Clamp, CajsaStina Åkerström and EKO were eliminated. An interval act featured comedian Björn Gustafsson and a special sketch about the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Then the final results were announced. Oscar Zia (pictured below) was the first one to be announced straight to the final at the Friends Arena with the song Yes We Can.

After that it was time to announce the two acts proceeding to Andra Chansen, the second chance round, to take place in Lidköping on the 1st of March:

  • Outtrigger - Echo
  • State of Drama - All We Are

The second straight finalist was Ace Wilder (pictured below) with the song Busy Doin' Nothing which meant that dr alban and Jessica Folcker with Around The World finished 5th and were eliminated.

The 4th semi-final will take place next Saturday in Örnsköldsvik. The Swedish final will be on the 8th of March in Stockholm.