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Sweden: Eric Saade beaten up by bullies in new video

14 April 2011 at 19:00 CEST

Eric Saade has an ambitious take on his videos. In a range of short film productions in 2010, he exhibited various theatrical performances, including being beheaded in a Medieval setting in the video for the song Masquerade.

After winning the Swedish national selections Melodifestivalen, he embarked on another creative journey. The director Mikael "Mikeadelica" Gustafsson led him down a rough path, where he gets beat up by bullies after a night club dance show-off.

But this time, Eric Saade meets a happy end in the story, fulfilling his promise in the song lyrics: "I will be popular".

In real life, Eric Saade is currently in Moscow for a four-day stay with appearances in a number of TV shows, including Star Academy and The Russian and Armenian Music Awards 2011.


"Popular" – watch the new video!