Sweden: Eric Saade and the glass cage

Spectacular during the first rehearsal

During his first rehearsal today, Eric Saade gave some really well-choreographed performances of his song Popular. Joined by three male dancers - who also sing - and two male backing-singers, the young Swede delivered a modern dance routine which will certainly be appreciated by the younger portion of the televoting audience.

But the choreography doesn't seem to be the only attraction of the performance. At a later part of the song, Eric is surrounded by a glass cage which is said to explode at the climax of the song. It wasn't tried out today, but people have been rumouring about it.

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Eric and his dancers were clad in black today. LED-elements were pinned to his jacket which were illuminated in red.

The LED-backdrop is held in black and white, and lots of lighting effects in use, with red and white strobelights playing a central role in the performance.

Before going on stage

Eric Saade arrived backstage in Düsseldorf in full focus. He has been up to a lot of things lately, including finishing his next album.

"We have a good feeling. We were to Paris and did the performance live for a big TV show which will be shown this weekend. But there are nine days left now, so it's really not now I'm supposed to be on top. There really are a lot of things that can be improved still," Eric says.

He had high expectations for Tuesday's premiere Swedish rehearsal.

"I hope to learn everything today. I hope everything is going to fall into place in the first rehearsal. Not in the actual performance, but in my mind. For the next rehearsal, I plan to go all out in the performance. Today, I'm thinking about the cameras and stuff, not the singing and charisma."

The Eurovision Song Contest means a lot of technical considerations.

"We have 25 cameras here, so the first rehearsal is a sort of camera rehearsal for me. In our national selection when I won, we had 9 cameras, and that's a lot to me!"

"Usually I jump and scream everything I can before I go in. Today I'm taking it easier..."

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What happened at the press conference?

The Swedish delegation disclosed that they are very happy to be in Düsseldorf. Eric liked the arena a lot  and revealed that he got his first record-contract when he was 15. "I want to win this thing" was his answer to the question what was his aim for this year's Eurovision Song Contest

Eric was very happy that he could bring his spectacular show number to Germany. When asked how much pressure was on him to qualify, he said that there was not much pressure at all.

The song which he performs in this year's contest tells a story about Eric wanting to be the best. Eric revealed that he saved his voice in his first rehearsal this afternoon.

Eric is half-Lebanese, but said that he has never performed in Lebanon, he had just been there when he was a child.

Melodifestivalen - the Swedish national final - was a good preparation for Eric, but he admitted that the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest and its arena was much bigger.

Christer Björkman, the Swedish head of delegation, revealed that he is not a big fan of the Big 5 system, which means that the 5 biggest contributors to the contest - Germany, Italy, France, Spain and the UK - would have a free ticket to the final.

The Swedish team hinted that the royal family in Sweden would be watching the Swedish national final, Melodifestivalen.

If he wins, Eric revealed, everyone had the chance to win, but that he was the lucky one. His favourite song of former song contests, was Lena's Satellite, the winner from last year's edition.

His new album will be released in the summer and will probably simply be called Saade.

France and the UK would be worthy winner according to Eric.

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Eric Saade - a huge star already

During the summer of 2009, Eric Saade appeared as a host of Disney Channel's My Camp Rock,  a Scandinavian music competition that draws inspiration from the channel's hit movie Camp Rock. Then, in August 2009, Eric was contracted to Sweden's most rapidly expanding record label, Roxy Recordings. 

He has been writing songs since he was 13 years old and has written songs for his debut-album Masquerade solo or in collaboration with various producers and songwriters such as Fredrik Kempe, Peter Boström, Alexander Kronlund, Dimitri Stassos, Ginni, and Anton Malmberg Hård Af Segerstad.

After his release of his debut album he has toured the country. Future goals include building a long career being treated with respect by both his audience and critics. Sweden is the most important  market for him but he also bears a dream to break through in his favorite country Great Britain.

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