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Sweden: Duels for the second chance drawn

01 March 2012 at 19:00 CET

The four semi-finals of the Swedish national selection for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest are now over. There are eight songs in the final waiting for two more songs to join them. Those two songs come from the ones that placed 3rd and 4th in the semis (click on the title to watch a video of them):

When the duels competition was installed five years ago it gave a new dimension to "Andra Chansen", the second chance round of Melodifestivalen, making it one of the highlights of the tour.

This year there was a draw for the first time and today the duels were revealed:

  • Duel 1: Dynazty vs. Top Cats
  • Duel 2: Andreas Johnson vs. Timoteij
  • Duel 3: Thorsten Flinck och Revolutionsorkestern vs. Lotta Engberg och Christer Sjögren
  • Duel 4: Sean Banan vs. Youngblood

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In order to have only two songs proceeding to the final, the competition then goes on with the winners of each of the four duels:

  • Semifinal 1: winner of Duel 1 vs. winner of Duel 2
  • Semifinal 2: winner of Duel 3 vs. winner of Duel 4

At the draw, the names of those who have come third were in an urn and the names of those who placed fourth in another urn. Which were third and fourth will be only revealed after the final. An artist can not meet someone who previously faced in his semi-final.

All the songs in this show have entered the singles chart in Sweden, with Sean Den Först Banan and Stormande Hav being the biggest sellers of the eight entries.

You can watch the draw through SVT's Melodifestival site.