Swaying and tradition for Cyprus

Backstage - Hoping the stage is clear of glass

Cyprus brings an ethnic act to the show.

"We have something very different, and we hope that people like the variation in the performances in the contest," Christos Mylordos says.

In order to accomplish the lean movement on stage, they have to enter special boots. When they enter the stage, they are barefoot, and Sweden's Eric Saade has been breaking his glass cage in the act before.

"I'm sure they are going to do a good job in cleaning the glass away. I hope so!" he says.
The lean is hard to accomplish.

"We use fixed boots. It's very difficult, you put most of the pressure on your feet, and it's very difficult to sing while you're doing these movements."

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Rehearsal - Swaying to the rhythm

The Cypriot entry by Christos Mylordos contains many traditional Greek sounds, evoking thoughts of legends and Mediterranean sun. 

The Cypriot team, including backing singers and dancers stood on stage, where they have very few props or gimmicks still. 

The guys are wearing jeans and dark t-shirts and enter the stage barefooted. Whether or not they will wear other costumes on the night is not yet known. 

The song has a very contemplative start with a lot of swaying in time with large circular objects on the huge LED screen in the background.  The swaying is facilitated by the guys on the stage fastening their feet to a board on the stage.

On the stage satellite a lady in white stands and swings a large circular object around whilst singing during the mid to later part of the song, which is very traditional. As the beat and rhythm picks up the choreography gets more vibrant. 

Vocally, the performance is very strong and reaches as a very powerful finish. 

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The video of the cypriot rehearsal:

Press Conference

The Cypriot press conference started with a description of what has happened so far in Düsseldorf including attending various parties and rehearsing a lot. 

The first question asked by the press was about the lyrics. The lyricist said the lyrics were written in memory of two people killed in a car crash, which inspired him. 

The head of delegation said, "The Eurovision Song Contest is very popular in Cyprus as we are a small country and don't get much opportunity to show ourselves in the world. The viewing figures are great and it is great to be a part of" when asked about what it means to Cyprus. 

Christos was asked to sing by a member of the press in order to teach people how to sing his song. It was a purely vocal performance. 

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