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SVT to 'present artists' in postcards

19 February 2013 at 16:26 CET

Five teams with director, photographer and technical coordinator have started trips to Europe to meet with each artist. So far, the team has visited Iceland and their artist and on Thursday they're traveling to France and then to Italy.

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"We will welcome all countries viewers and make them feel involved with the programs. In a way, we extend a hand to Europe - where viewers get to see "their" artist portrayed in their own country," says Sven Stojanovic, Creative Director and co-producer of the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö.

"We want the programs to constantly move back and forth, from Malmö to Europe, and back to Malmö," he adds.

The best companies involved

After allowing several companies to pitch to produce the postcards, SVT chose Camp David. It's a film production company representing a number of talented directors who have won numerous awards at commercial festivals like Cannes Lions, Clio, Eurobest and Swedish Golden Egg.

"We have chosen a company that is best in the short narrative form, where you have 30 seconds to convey a message while dressed in a stylish package. Camp David has the ideas, experience and commitment needed to do something new and especially of the postcards," Stojanovic explains.

One of the most prominent companies in the visual effects in Scandinavia, Swiss International AB will be responsible for all 3D graphics in the movies. The company is the most awarded in the category of animation and visual effects in commercials.

SVT has also signed a deal with Broken Doll for all television graphics for the contest this year. They won numerous international awards for promotion, branding and design of video content

The company will be responsible for all the graphics in the box during the broadcasts, from nameplates and scoreboards for intros and bumpers. They will also design the butterflies for each country, Swiss will then animate those.

"SVT has worked with Broken Doll on several occasions. We have great confidence in them. They always have a good and clear vision, while they are both responsive and talented designers with high delivery reliability," Sven Stojanovic explains.