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Suzy: "I'm so happy to be a part of the Eurovision family"

27 April 2014 at 02:37 CEST

- Suzy, thanks for giving us some of your time for this interview

Thanks to you, I'm delighted!

- How's life been since you won Festival da Canção, the Portuguese national selection?

It's certainly been a festival because I didn't stop for a minute doing performances at the promo concerts, travelling to Amsterdam, London, Madrid, full schedule of interviews, TV appearances and so on.

- How would you describe your song Quero Ser Tua?

Our song is a rhythmic and positive song with a latin sound. I feel that people vibrate listening to my song, they want something to dance to, so when I start to sing it I get a lot of positive energy which gives me goosebumps. Even if it's energetic it talks about love, an unconditional love of those you can't get enough. And it is very happy!

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- There was some controversy surrounding your victory in Portugal, how did you cope with this?

It was a sweet and sour victory, even though I was somewhat prepared in case this happened. But we can't please everyone. All five singers and songs in the Portuguese national final were good and any could have proudly represented Portugal, but the population who voted, by telephone, went for me and my song, and I can only be pleased with that.

We believe in our song and our act and besides this, my hometown Figueira da Foz heartfeltly supports me, and let's not forget that the composer of Quero Ser Tua, Emanuel, is a well established author who of course has a fanbase thanks to his many years of career.

- Do you always favour the uptempo songs?

Not really, in fact I love ballads! So much that I'm always singing the Spanish entry at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, Quédate Conmigo (Stay With Me) by Pastora Soler. With that song I can show more of my vocal abilities.

- Can you tell us a little bit about the ESC performance?

I cannot tell you much. It's going to be very similar to what you've already seen, with some new twists and new outfits which are secret.

- How are you preparing for Copenhagen? 

In addition to following the promotional activities with several TV appearances and loads of media intervews that I love replying we follow a daily schedule of preparations and rehearsals for about four hours. We're recording a Spanish version of the song and also a video for the summer promotion.

- And how has your life changed?

I'm focusing in all the positive energy I'm getting to go through the hectic agenda. I could be resting more, but I don't want to let go any of the great opportunities that this Eurovision experience is offering me.

- Do you still live in Dubai?

No, as soon as I won the Festival, I took the decision to leave my life there, I needed to be in Portugal. It's a big risk but in this moment I'm 100% dedicated to Eurovision. I got a feeling and I'm following it!

- Do you have any Eurovision Song Contest memories?

My first Eurovision memory of Portugal when I was a kid has to be Lusitana Paixão, our song in 1991 performed by Dulce Pontes, because it touched me, her vocal abilities... it made me dream that one day I could be on the Eurovision stage, and I'm so happy right now to be a part of this family.

- Did you get suppor from previous Portuguese contestants?

Yes, for example from our very first singer in the contest, Antonio Calvario who went to Copenhagen 50 years ago but also from Simone de Oliveira (1965, 1969), Vania Fernandes (2008) and of course my friend Anabela (1993) because I started singing in Lisbon with her, in the same school and we also worked together in musicals.

- And a final question, which artist from Portugal you'd like to see in the contest in the near future?

I'd like to see on the Eurovision stage a new talent, Aurea, because she has a great voice, all the other ones I know have already been in the contest! The economic situation is hitting hard on our musical industry but we have amazing singers and talent over here which I hope have the chance to succeed.

Portugal with Suzy will participate in the first Semi-Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen with the song Quero Ser Tua.