Suspense: who will win the trophy?


This is already the second dress rehearsal today, but this one is more important: half of the result is basically decided tonight! So all delegations are performing their songs just in the real thing tomorrow night: no holding back, vocals fully used and all special effects like pyros, wind-machines, and confetti in place!

Tens of thousands of people are following the second dress rehearsal in the gigantic Düsseldorf Arena as the host country's participant Lena is appearing there for the first time for the general audience to check. The interest is immense and all important German media outlets run huge reports on the Eurovision Song Contest. The main question of course is: who will be the winner? At least a dozen different countries have been named as possible winners without a clear favourite the suspense is rising and rising!

It's less than 24 hours till Europe's favourite TV-show! Be sure to stay glued to with all the latest news being announced here immediately!

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