Susanne Georgi for Andorra!

The final was a game of three songs, chosen out of originally 107 entries. The final result (winner in bold):

• Susanne Georgi – La Teva Decisió
• Mar Capdevila – Passió Obsessiva
• Lluís Cartes – Exhaust

The result was decided by jury voting combined with televoters using SMS voting.

The show consisted of a special broadcast televised by Ràdio i Televisió d'Andorra locally and on the Internet, via the official Andorran website. Apolo Andorra Hall in Andorra la Vella formed the venue final, hosted by Meri Picart. The show opened with the English version of the song La, La, La, the Spanish winning entry at the Eurovision Song Contest of 1969.

La Teva Decisió is a pop song in up-tempo, performed in mainly in Catalan but with chorus in English. Susanne Georgi, born July 27, 1976, has been one half of the Danish pop duo Me & My. During the show from Andorra she was shown reading the Danish televote in the Eurovision Song Contest of 2007.

Watch an interview with Susanna Georgi here:


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