Super Saturday has ended - The results!

Roughly 20% of the 43 participating countries picked their entry for Belgrade tonight.

To relive the excitement of Super Saturday, you can find a complete overview of news below.

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Live online broadcasts through esctv also broadcasted the national finals of Croatia and Ireland live through esctv. For the occasion, esctv offered two channels, broadcasting both shows at the same time. Earlier, esctv streamed the Cypriot, Azerbaijani and Estonian national finals. Several more national finals will be streamed through esctv, so stay tuned for further announcements.

Relive the spirit

You can also read back our Super Saturday live coverage in the LiveLog, to see what happened across Europe minute by minute. 

The team would like to thank you for visiting us in the lead up to Super Saturday, for watching the live streams and for the many enthousiastic reactions on the new LiveLog feature. Stay with us in the next days for coverage of the aftermath of Super Saturday 2008.

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