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Super Saturday: Eight countries pick tonight!

23 February 2008 at 01:20 CET

For those who haven't been following the national selection season very closely; Tonight, Bulgaria, Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Iceland, Ireland, Poland, Romania and Ukraine will pick their song for Belgrade. No othr night, so many countries pick their songs for Belgrade, which explains the name Super Saturday

What can we expect? In Ireland, it's the controversial Dustin the Turkey taking the lead in the polls, while Ukraine will see super star Ani Lorak performing four songs. Both in Romania and Poland, a Swedish act is shortlisted to take part in the national final. The Romanians went through difficult times over the past months, facing several disqualifications in their participants field, while Iceland and Bulgaria pick their entries after many months of preliminary heats.  

Super Saturday news already covered the preparations for the various national heats, brings you as close as possible to all eight events on Super Saturday and covers the aftermath of the most spectacular national final night of the year.

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Watch them live confirms to broadcast the Irish (20:00 CET) and Croatian (20:15 CET) national finals live through esctv. For the occasion, esctv will offer two channels, broadcasting both shows at the same time. Both shows will be interrupted before the results are being announced, and esctv will tune in as soon as the shows proceed.

Several other live shows can be seen over the internet. will provide you with the links right here, as soon as they become available. LiveLog

All night long, our editors will keep you posted on the latest developments inside the LiveLog, a new feature on Keep the application on your desktop throughout the night to be the first to know the latest news. The LiveLog will be made available through the front page of around 18:00 CET.

Fans on Facebook can discuss Super Saturday in our special topic, on the official Eurovision Song Contest page.