Sunglasses and energy for Malta

Backstage with Glen

Glen Vella has had more discussions regarding the stage show than most.

"I'm a bit excited, and so much looking forward to a second rehearsal. We have some changes in light and the background graphics and everything, so we'll see." For the show, the gang on stage are wearing sunglasses.

 We used them in the final of Malta. It's something cool, we come from a sunny island, so we're friends of sunglasses, and we brought them with us here as well. It's not real glass in mine

"I'm trying out different colours, the one that looks best is the one I'll use!"

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As it turned out, only the three female backing singers wore sunglasses today during the performances. All of the supporting artists are dressed in black with Glen wearing a pair of jeans and denim jacket with a white top.

There are images of Glen from his preview video appearing on the LED screens and the lighting has been changed from the first rehearsal.

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Press conference

The press conference began with Glen ordering the moderator to put on a pair of sunglasses to join in the theme the Maltese delegation have chosen to promote their song. 

Vocally, Glen said he was very happy with how his rehearsal went. 

"I'm here to give a good vocal performance on the 10th of May. That is my aim and my team's aim to, then its up to the voters", he said. 

Glen said he may record a Maltese version of One Life at a later date. 

Surprisingly, Glen and his backing singers performed a very good rendition of the United Kingdom Eurovision Song Contest entry from 1997, Love Shine A Light by Katrina And The Waves. They also did this in a gospel arrangement. 

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