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The summer of love

30 August 2020 at 12:00 CEST
Eleni Foureira came second at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018 EBU / Andres Putting
Summer awoke from its yearly slumber and the weather across parts of Europe finally started to sizzle. To help turn up the heat, here is a Eurovision summer playlist for all to enjoy - anytime and anywhere!

The Eurovision Song Contest provides the world with the opportunity to connect through a shared passion for music. However, summer can leave many Eurovision fans feeling disconnected during vacation season with a while to go before the next Contest arrives. To carry us through, let's reconnect and look back at some of the songs that we love and remind us of the hotter months. Whether you're in - or out - of love, what better way to connect with others and express your emotions than through song? In no particular order, we reminisce about some of the performances that represent those summer vibes and those warm, loving feelings.

AySel & Arash - Always

We will kick off our playlist with this duo from the 'Land of Fire' who literally turned up the heat during their performance for Azerbaijan in 2009 with their song Always. With chemistry, that song breakdown, LED screens of volcanoes and drums, dancers on the ground, pyrotechnics involving high fountains of fireworks and clouds of fire, their performance is seriously hot. It's no surprise the hit grabbed 3rd place.

Antique - (I Would) Die for You

Next, we're going all the way back to 2001 when Greece's Antique took 3rd place with (I Would) Die For You, also known as THE soundtrack of the summer. The Danish representative gave us a tune that's hard not to dance to. Though, when you really listen closely to the lyrics, you can't help but to feel the sadness and sorrow of a love lost. Sometimes, summer love burns out.

Iveta Mukuchyan - Lovewave

Look, I know it might sound strange but...heatwave or Lovewave? Parts of Europe in August 2020 endured a heatwave of temperatures above 30 degrees, but Eurovision experienced a Lovewave of its own when Iveta Mukuchyan lit up the stage in Stockholm 2016 for Armenia. She definitely made us all go "ba-ba-da-bu-who-oh-oh" with this summer banger.

Chanee & N'evergreen - In A Moment Like This

Love was in the air when Chanée & N'evergreen brought Denmark 4th place in Oslo in 2010. With shadowy walls, moving catwalks, and a wind machine - In A Moment Like This had it all. It is the the ideal song to listen to on a road trip with friends on a hot summers' day. Imagine: windows down with the breeze rolling in while you sing along at the top of your lungs. What a perfect moment for a perfect Eurovision anthem.

Azucar Moreno - Bandido

Spicey! Scintillating! Feel the passion with Bandido from Spain's Azúcar Moreno and dance your way into the weekend. The Spanish certainly know how to do summer and their 1990 song is the perfect example of this. Upbeat and fruity, like a quintessential sangria, their dramatic dance moves and sultry singing leave you no choice but to get up and dance - preferably on a beach.

Kate Ryan - Je T'adore

Nothing says I love you quite like a song that says "Je T'adore" 15 times, right? Belgium's Kate Ryan served up a neon banger worthy of any summer playlist! Saucy stares, wind affects, a high-slit orange dress and some passionate vocals - we adore, too! Despite not making it to the Grand Final in 2006, the fun-factor of this song remains. And, frankly, seeing the three-piece male dancers delivering us the splits and a whole lot of energy is all the summer spirit we need.

Fabrizio Faniello - Another Summer Night

"Walking on the beach beneath the moonlight, just like a dream that never dies." Every night is Another Summer Night when Malta's Fabrizio Faniello is around. To be listened to and enjoyed while laying by the ocean or under the palm trees, this Maltese hit from 2001 is sure to get you in the mood for summer. With romantic strums on the guitar and some catchy percussion - you can't go wrong!

Gina G - Ooh Ahh...Just A Little Bit

In 1996, Gina gave us all the love we couldn't ignore... and a little bit more. In fact, the whole world couldn't look past this entry for Great Britain. The song peaked at #1 on the UK Singles Chart and was also successful around Europe and in the US, reaching #12 on the Billboard Hot 100. It even recieved a nomination for a Grammy in the Best Dance Recording category in 1998.

Eleni Foureira - Fuego

A performance lit with bedroom eyes, sultry dance moves and a flame-inspired costume made out of sequins, this contemporary entry for Cyprus in 2018 is the perfect pop song to give you that summer high. Dance floors everywhere still can't get enough of this one!

Amir - J'ai cherché

Warm and happy feelings are what comes to mind when you hear this amorous summer tune from France's 2016 contestant. Presented alongside a starry, planetary light show and a charmingly delivered voice, you have nothing left to do but swoon when you watch this summer night-inspired performance.

Hadise - Düm Tek Tek

Who doesn't want to hear their heart going Düm Tek Tek? Hadise performed her song back in 2009 in Moscow and had the arena swinging from front to back! She placed 4th with 177 points and her song still reigns supreme in many summer playlist, just like this one!

Il Volo - Grande Amore

And speaking of Italy, the country's 2015 participating act gave us a serious operatic performance that just begs to be appreciated in the warmth. We'll use it to close off our summer playlist with a bang, dragging those last few days of summer into the fall mornings to come.

Listening to this playlist on a beach? Perhaps on that Italian balcony for real? Let us know how you're spending your last weeks of summer in the comments below!