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Strong vocals and red spotlights for Albania

13 May 2012 at 15:27 CEST

Before their rehearsal, the Albanian delegation made a relaxed impression backstage, and Rona prepared herself for the first soundcheck. On stage, she performed all alone in a romantic setting, surrounded by red spotlights.

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During the performance, several more spotlights were added, while the LED screens in the background were kept dark. All in all, a very static setting was used to support the message of the song, and to keep the focus on the vocals and the orchestration.

Her vocal interpretation of her dramatic song, the lyrics of which are completely in Albanian language, was very convincing and professional, and she definitely did not need the support of any backing vocalists!

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Kleart Duraj, the Head of the Albanian delegation, started by introducing the singer, Rona Nishliu, and the songwriter, Florent Boshnjaku, to the press. After that, Rona Nishliu thanked the press for their attention and greeted the Azerbaijani hosts. She then commented on her love of jazz music and said she appreciated the way of mixing jazz and mugham music in Azerbaijan.

"I'm very happy to represent my country with a song I love and which means a lot to me", she explained regarding the fact that she is singing a song in Albanian language. Regarding her hairstyle, Rona Nishliu said that the decoration was created by a fashion designer whose collection is based on tomatoes, thus causing the round shapes.

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A Polish journalist asked her about the fact that she was originally from Kosovo but she's representing Albania in the Eurovision Song Contest. She explained that the Albanian Festivali i Kenges, which acts as the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, had always been open to artists from Kosovo as well, and that she was happy to have the opportunity to perform on the Eurovision stage.

"The costume will be a very important element of our performance", Rona Nishliu stated when she was asked about her stage dress. "You will get to know it on May 17th", she concluded the press conference.