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ZiBBZ flare up Lisbon with first rehearsal of ‘Stones’

30 April 2018 at 16:53 CEST
Switzerland rehearsal Andres Putting
Lighting a flare and making full use of the stage, ZiBBZ from Switzerland just rocked an uplifting rendition of their empowering song Stones.

Coco and Stee Gfeller started singing together 10 years ago; the siblings come from a musical family, writing their own music, playing multiple instruments and producing and editing their own music videos. With Stones, they set out to send an anti-bullying message. ZiBBZ want people to let others live the way they want to live.

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Stones was written by Laurell Barker and Corinne Gfeller, and is composed by Laurell Barker, Corinne Gfeller and Stefan Gfeller.

Using a hand-held flare to light up the Lisbon stage, ZiBBZ delivered an upbeat performance of their guitar-heavy anti-bullying song. The pair looked edgy in black leather; Coco turned eyes with a maroon-coloured hat that matched her brother's bandana.

The creative direction is in hands of Hans Pannecoucke, who is also in charge of the Belgian and Dutch entries this year. caught up with ZiBBZ after their first rehearsal to ask them how they had experienced it. Coco: "The stage is amazing. I wish I could go on that stage all the time. It’s a dream come true." Stee adds: “You’re overwhelmed. And the way it’s done is so great, with the podium and the lights."

ZiBBZ does not play on a stage this size every day. Stee explains how they were able to keep their performance intimate, yet larger than life: "Our song is very rock’n’roll; the way we are when we play for thirty people in a club, we wanted to project that on a big stage." On her covering of the stage Coco said: "It is basically a marathon for me, but it’s fine because I get to be close to the audience. That is what I wanted."

Switzerland will perform 13th in the first Semi-Final of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest on the 8th of May. 

What do you think of ZiBBZ's first rehearsal? Will Switzerland make it to the Grand Final? Leave your review in the comments!