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Stella Mwangi (Norway) 2nd press conference

05 May 2011 at 22:21 CEST

“They told me to have fun,” she says, laughing. “Haba haba should spread joy. I’ve even seen people learning the dance.” And if the song does make it to the very top on May14th, what will Stella do, she is asked? The question has caught her off guard: “Oh, everyone gets a big hug! And then I think I‘ll have to improvise.”

The same question goes to Head of Delegation Skjalg Solstad: Will Norway be able to host the Eurovision again, after such a short time? “I, Norway and the broadcaster NRK will be very proud and I’m sure we can do that again.”

Asked if the Eurovision Song Contest has an impact in Africa, she happily replies: “Yes, and the Norwegian embassy will show the Eurovision in Kenya.” Is it a trend that European nations are using artists from Africa, as is the case with San Marino too? Stella bluntly negates the question: “The Eurovision is about music and not colour. Music has no age, colour or background, that’s why I’m proud that Norway chose me.” And who knows, one day we might be seeing the World Vision Song Contest.