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Here's Stefania's music video for 'SUPERG!RL'

01 March 2020 at 16:55 CET
Stefania recording the music video for Greece's Eurovision 2020 entry 'SUPERG!RL' ERT
Greek public broadcaster ERT has premiered the 'SUPERG!RL' song and music video for their 17-year-old Eurovision Song Contest 2020 representative, Stefania.

ERT describe SUPERG!RL as a contemporary up-tempo pop song with ethnic elements. Stefania will perform her entry in the first half of the second Semi-Final on 14 May.

What is it about?

SUPERG!RL encourages teenagers to believe in themselves and chase their dreams. The song is about Stefania's own journey as a young woman working to combine her obligations as a student with her dream of singing.

Stefania recording the music video for Greece's Eurovision 2020 entry 'SUPERG!RL' ERT

Greek composer and producer of the song Dimitris Kontopoulos finds that Stefania has a very powerful voice. He didn't stumble upon the track easily: "To be honest, it was difficult to find the right song for her, since we wanted the track to fit both her age and personality". About the team behind SUPERG!RL, he says: "It is the first time I collaborate for Eurovision with Arcade, a very talented young group of songwriters and producers from Greece, while it’s always an honour working with Sharon Vaughn, a great lyricist and woman."

Stefania - 'SUPERG!RL' (Greece 2020) ERT

On the music video

The music video for the song was directed by Greek director Kosta Karydas in Athens, Greece. Regarding the video, Kostas said: "We came up with a story with surrealistic elements. We followed a young woman who finds the strength to embrace her special abilities in a society that perceives her as an outcast. It is a journey to explore her inner strength."

On how the video came together, he says: "The SUPERG!RL team consists of a number of acclaimed professionals that have given their 100% to create the outcome we envisioned. The collaboration with Stefania was impeccable and we were impressed by her professionalism and her acting skills."

Stefania recording the music video for Greece's Eurovision 2020 entry 'SUPERG!RL' ERT

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Posted 03 February 2020 at 20:44 CET

Stefania to sing 'SUPERG!RL' for Greece at Eurovision 2020

Greece's Eurovision 2020 representative Stefania Chantal Antonides - Picture Perfect Amsterdam

Greek broadcaster ERT has picked Greek-Dutch singer Stefania Liberakakis (17) with the song 'SUPERG!RL' as their entry for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. Stefania previously represented the Netherlands at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016 as part of the girl group Kisses.

Stefania will perform during the first half of the second Semi-Final on 14 May.

Greece's Eurovision 2020 representative Stefania ERT/Viktoria Vellopoulou

About SUPERG!RL and the team behind it

ERT has chosen a highly experienced team to surround the 17-year-old singer. Dimitris Kontopoulos, a seasoned Eurovision songwriter and producer, together with the group Arcade composed the music for SUPERG!RL. For Kontopoulos, this year's involvement marks his 10th participation in the Contest since composing Belarus' 2007 entry Work Your Magic.

Kontopoulos and Arcade collaborated with Sharon Vaughn, who wrote the lyrics of the song. Vaughn also wrote the lyrics for last year's Russian entry, Scream by Sergey Lazarev.

Fokas Evangelinos, who has a wealth of Eurovision Song Contest experience, has been selected as the act's creative director. Earlier, Evangelinos staged Sakis Rouvas' 2004 act and, a year later, Helena Paparizou's winning performance of My Number One. In 2008, he staged his second winning act; Dima Bilan's performance of Believe.

Kontopoulos and Evangelinos have collaborated on numerous Eurovision Song Contest acts over the past decades.

Get to know Stefania

Stefania was born in the Dutch city of Utrecht in 2002. She started singing at the age of 8 and rose to fame 2 years later when she competed in The Voice Kids. She also sang as part of the Dutch kids choir Kinderen voor Kinderen (Kids for Kids).

In 2016, Stefania represented the Netherlands at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest as part of the girl group Kisses. They finished 8th at the contest in Valletta, Malta.

Since 2016, Stefania has been performing as a solo singer, has her own YouTube channel and a popular TikTok account.

Stefania has released 4 solo singles to date. Released in 2018, Stupid Reasons has reached more than 1 million views on YouTube.

In June 2019, Stefania performed at the MAD VMA, the biggest and most popular award show in Greece, singing a special version of the song Con Calma with Ilenia Williams and Konnie Metaxa.

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