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Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra on the Turquoise Carpet 2022
Ukraine's Kalush Orchestra continue to spread the sound of 'Stefania' throughout Europe
Photo: EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett

The stats, streams and success of 'Stefania' since its Eurovision win

We track the success of 'Stefania' in the weeks since the song's unforgettable Eurovision Song Contest win for Ukraine on May 14.

Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra wins the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 Grand FinalEBU / Corinne Cumming

Its achievments at the Eurovision Song Contest have been well documented by now. But five weeks on from the song’s triumph at the 66th Contest in Turin, how has Stefania’s legacy been holding up outside of the context of this competition?

As it happens, the song has been faring pretty well for itself when left to its own devices, too! We’ve trawled through the Stefania stats and put together some of the most impressive headlines that the most recent winner of the Eurovision Song Contest has been out there writing for itself.

📺 Watch: Kalush Orchestra’s winner’s performance of Stefania

To date, Kalush Orchestra’s Stefania has been used as a sound in over a quarter of a million videos on TikTok, with creators on the social media platform using the Ukrainian-language hit in a myriad of innovative ways.

The song has notched up over 27.5 million plays on the music streaming service Spotify alone.

On YouTube, both the Grand Final live performance and the official music video have surpassed the 20 million mark in views.

Ukraine’s Kalush OrchestraEBU / Corinne Cumming

The group have just spent a sixth consecutive week at Number 1 on Spotify Ukraine with the song, and are currently Number 1 on Ukraine’s YouTube chart for a fifth week.

In the 30 days following the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest, Stefania managed to increase the number of Spotify streams it had racked up at that point, by 203.5%.

📺 Watch: Kalush Orchestra’s first interview after being announced as winners of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest

Despite only being published on May 14, the Grand Final performance of Stefania became the most watched video on the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel for the month of May.

As Europe was waking up on the morning of Sunday May 15, the Grand Final performance of Stefania had already surpassed 2 million views on the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel, taking under 12 hours to do so.

Across all official uploads, Stefania remains the most viewed song on YouTube out of all 40 of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest entries.

Kalush Orchestra from Ukraine performing their song Stefania at the PalaOlimpico in TurinEBU / Andres Putting

On the day after Stefania’s Eurovision win, the song amassed 86,067 Spotify streams in Ukraine. It was the sixth-largest daily tally of plays there since the platform had launched in the country two years prior.

Across the globe, the 40 competing songs of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest managed to achieve over 20 million streams on Spotify on Sunday May 15, the day after the Grand Final. Of those 20.6 million plays, Stefania accounted for over 10% of them.

Stefania debuted at Number 38 on the Spotify Global chart, thanks to 1,962,754 plays across the world in a single day (Sunday May 15). Only two other 2022 Contest entries made the Top 100: United Kingdom’s SPACE MAN at 77, and Spain’s SloMo at 85.

To date, Stefania remains the sixth-highest peaking Eurovision song of all time on the Spotify Global chart.

On May 20, just a few days after the Grand Final, Stefania landed at Number 109 on the Spotify Global weekly chart, thanks to over 8 million plays on the streaming service that week.

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Finland, Croatia and Sweden made Stefania a Top 10 success in their official singles charts, with the song peaking at 2, 6 and 7 respectively. Lithuania went even better and took it all the way to Number 1. Singles chart success followed in Switzerland (11), Iceland (14), Norway (19), Germany (22), Belgium (24), Austria (26), Ireland (30), Netherlands (36), United Kingdom (38) and Italy (53).

Host country Italy took favourably to Stefania’s win in Turin. On May 16, the song reached a new peak of Number 13 on Italy’s daily Spotify chart, becoming the highest-placing non-Italian Eurovision song of all time in the chart.

On Italy’s official singles chart, Stefania entered at Number 53, becoming the highest-charting non-Italian Eurovision song since Rise Like A Phoenix in 2014.

Down under in Australia, none of this year’s 40 Eurovision entries made a dent in the country’s official singles chart. However, their digital download chart did yield better results for our songs. Stefania charted the highest of the lot of them, at number 27.

On the day after the Grand Final, Stefania was the only Eurovision song to debut in the Spotify charts of non-participating countries Hungary (Number 54) and Slovakia (Number 13). In Luxembourg, it was highest charting of this year’s batch of Eurovision songs, the day after the Grand Final.

Ukraine – Kalush Orchestra – Eurovision Opening Ceremony 2022 – Galleria Grande – La Venaria RealeEBU / Corinne Cumming

One week on from the Contest, and Stefania was charting in no less than 36 countries’ weekly YouTube charts. It reached number 1 in the YouTube charts of Ukraine, Iceland, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. It even managed to enter the Top 75 of Canada’s YouTube chart.

In the US, Stefania entered the Billboard Global 200 chart at number 85, and remains the highest charting entry out of the 2022 batch of Eurovision songs.

📺 Watch: The official music video for Stefania by Kalush Orchestra

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