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All you need to know to follow Eurovision 2019 on social media

11 May 2019 at 23:05 CEST
Images of the OB truck during the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest Stijn Smulders
With just days to go until the first Semi-Final, the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest is becoming an increasingly hot topic on social media channels. Curious what our digital team is up to for the upcoming week? In this story we'll tell you all about it!

The first and second round of rehearsals for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest are drawing to a close on Sunday, 12 May. This year's Orange Carpet and Opening Ceremony take place shortly afterwards in the centre of Tel Aviv event.

The Eurovision Song Contest has become one of the most interactive television shows in the world, with artists representing 41 countries taking to the stage to represent their country in the music equivalent of the world cup. Unless you are here with us in Tel Aviv, nothing else gets you closer than following the official online channels.

It's bigger on Twitter

Starting Sunday 12 May, the Eurovision twitter emoji will appear whenever you use the #Eurovision or #DareToDream hashtags. Be sure to follow and tag our Twitter account @eurovision in any Eurovision tweets you're posting.

During Sunday's Orange Carpet you will find reactions from all 41 participants. We will be bringing you instant reactions and video clips from the arena and backstage during the first and second Semi-Final on 14 and 16 May, and of course during the Grand Final on 18 May.

Eurovision on Facebook: Like it!

On the official Eurovision Song Contest Facebook page you can find even more exclusive content from behind the scenes as Eurovision rehearsals continue. In the days to come there will be plenty of exclusive content to keep you updated about what's going on at Expo Tel Aviv as well as in town.

What's coming up on Facebook this week?

This year, Facebook users will also be able to follow the contest in more detail than ever by following our Facebook Watch videos. Don't forget to add the videos to your Watch Party, watch them with your Facebook friends in real time and comment on videos together.

Meanwhile, Host Broadcaster KAN is providing Press Conference footage from all 41 delegations through their Facebook Group.

Download the updated app

No matter where you are, you can always be in the midst of the action with the official app for iOS and Android. The dedicated app lets you stay in touch with all the latest news and watch videos from all 41 of this year's Eurovision entrants, read biographies, watch performances and much more.

What's new for you in the app for this year?

Want to take a selfie, then take it in the official Eurovision app and add exclusive layers to your photos before you post them on social media. There's loads to choose from, including this year's 'Dare To Dream' theme, all 41 participating nations' flags and adverts to get your friends to vote for your favourite song.

There's games too, jump on the app now to play 'Douze or Boos' and predict the outcome of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest now. But most importantly, you can use the app as a voting tool too!

This year, when you vote through the official Eurovision App, each vote - via call or sms - will be rewarded with an app-exclusive 'thank you' message from your favourite act!

READ MORE: For more information about the app and how to download it for iPhone or Android now, click here.

Eurovision on replay with Instagram

The official Eurovision Instagram account already has plenty of stories to check out already and they'll be online throughout the week of live shows. More will be added during the Semi-Finals and Grand Final too with lots of photos and video content to come. You can find all of this year's Eurovision artists linked when they have Instagram too. In one of the challenges for Eurovision stars this year, check out their artistic skills with a pencil as they have to draw a self-portrait.

Check out exclusive rehearsal photos, backstage access and much more from all 41 competing artists on the official Instagram profile this week.

Host Broadcaster KAN is also working with several Instagram influencers including Netta Meirr who's Worldwide Ballet page has more than 750,000 followers. Keep an eye out for their Eurovision content too. They'll be providing more exclusive content from the Green Room with tv personality Goel Pinto during the live shows of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Don't look away from YouTube

There are exclusive video clips from rehearsals of all 41 competing songs already on YouTube so you can see how things are shaping up and what to expect on stage in the Semi-Finals and Grand Final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. You can find all plenty of exclusive backstage and behind the scenes footage on the Official Eurovision YouTube Channel right now as well as our daily update videos.

Check out our playlists and watch all the rehearsal clips from each upcoming show, all of this year's official music videos, all of the songs from previous years and much much more.

Coming up on YouTube this week

As well as more exclusive footage on the Eurovision YouTube channel this week, there are four live streams coming your way. Watch live coverage of the Official Opening Ceremony and see the artists on the orange carpet event this Sunday 12 May and watch all three live shows including the Semi-Finals on Tuesday 14 and Thursday 16 and the Grand Final on Saturday 18 May.

The all new Eurovision Podcast

If you're on the move and can't wait for your next Eurovision fix, why not download the all new Eurovision podcast to stay up to date with all the latest news from Tel Aviv.

The podcast will shine a light on the often unsung heroes that make the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. You can expect 3 episodes, 1 on each live show day: 14, 16 and 18 May. You can now send in your questions about how the show is made by tweeting to @EBU_HQ or using hashtag #ESCPodcast, you might just hear the answer in one of the episodes.

LISTEN NOW: Download the trailer and subscribe to the Eurovision podcast here.

Be a part of Eurovision 2019

With all these channels, you can get up close and personal with the Eurovision Song Contest like never before. Make sure you get involved, like and comment on all the social media posts and be part of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest!