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Start your own blog with MyEurovision!

The first major upgrade of MyEurovision, the place to be for Eurovision Song Contest fans, is the release of the blog feature (bèta). Fans, fan sites and journalists, participants, journalists, and editors from across Europe can now log on to MyEurovision and address the world in just a few clicks! 

  • For the fans: Write about your favourite Eurovision Song Contest songs, review this year's entries, share your best memories with other fans, or write about your daily life
  • For the fan sites and journalists: Do you run a fan website, write for a newspaper or magazine, or do you run a blog? MyEurovision is the perfect place to promote your stories, and share your publications with millions of people
  • For participants: Keep your fans across Europe updated on your preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest, and promote your bid for the contest 

In each news article you can find a 'Blog @ MyEurovision' link, giving you the opportunity to embed the story in your own blog.

MyEurovision is all yours! That's why the blog feature has been released in bèta version, and give you the opportunity to tell us how you would like us to develop it further. Send your ideas and feedback to [email protected], we're looking forward hearing from you.

With the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest only a few weeks ahead, is the perfect place to review the 43 entries for the upcoming contest, write down your expectations, and keep Europe updated on your adventures in Belgrade. For example, check out the blog of Eurovision Song Contest fan site, who were so kind to test run this new feature. 

Start blogging! 

  • Already have a MyEurovision account? Go to your details page, enable your profile and start blogging right away!
  • No free MyEurovision account yet? Click on the registration button at the top right of the website. After creating and confirming your account, you can enable your profile and start blogging!

Update 1:25 CET: Polish 2008 Eurovision Song Contest representative Isis Gee opened her blog!

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