Stars and strips for Germany

Alex Swings Oscar Sings comprises young California-born Oscar Loya and well-known German producer Alex Christensen. In today's rehearsal, they were accompanied on stage by two backing dancers, one backing vocalist and, of course, Miss Kiss, the main character in the song lyrics of the German entry Miss Kiss Kiss Bang! The latter has already been confirmed to be the well-known strip model Dita von Teese, whose name was also shown on the LED screens on top of the stage. However, in today's rehearsal, a different girl acted as her double. Thus, the full performance of the German entry will only be seen in the dress rehearsals for the Final of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest for the first time. Altogether, the act looked very sexy, fitting the song lyrics, which are full of erotic implications. Oscar Loya was vocally convincing, and he looked very confident all along the stage act, parts of which took place on gigantic pulsating black lips, incorporating a piercing of the according size!

Alex and Oscar started the press conference singing an excerpt of Miss Kiss Kiss Bang. Later on, Oscar Loya was asked about the difference between German and Russian girls. He replied that nationality didn't matter to him, adding: "If a girl is hot, she's hot, no matter where she comes from." Ralf Quibeldey, the Head of the German delegation stated that the whole team was very satisfied about today's rehearsal, which he described as much better than the first one. Oscar jokingly added that they had "no more dancing dolls" on stage. To finish the conference, Alex Christensen announced that he will be the DJ at EuroDom (Euroclub) tonight from 23:00 to 0:00 local time - an event not to be missed by the press in Moscow!

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