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Starry skies surrounding a Polish legend

The second day of rehearsals in Oslo started with the performance of Marcin Mroziński, representing Poland in the First Semi-Final of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. His song Legenda is an ethnic pop song with romantic lyrics in both English and Polish, and the performance was accordingly set in dark colours with the background resembling a starry sky. Smoke effects further added to the atmosphere.

The stage was decorated with white drapes, and the floor was lit in blue. The Polish team showed a both vocally and visually convincing performance, and their elaborate choreography fit the song very well. Marcin was wearing jeans and a leather jacket in today's rehearsal, and he was accompanied on stage by two female backing singers in national costumes who were flying their skirts during the performance.

Two backing dancers were on stage as well, carrying apples and playing with them: They bit into them in the beginning, then carried them, and in the end rolled them away on the floor. Towards the end of the performance, one of them hugged Marcin and she ended up lying by his feet. Today the dancers were only wearing casual clothes, but in the Semi-Final, they will be wearing short black skirts and white blouses, as the delegation informed us.


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"As Polish as possible"

In the press conference, Marcin greeted the press in Norwegian and congratulated the hosts on the national holiday today. He said that the whole team was very happy about the first rehearsal and that he was very excited to be here, being a true Eurovision fan and having watched the contest since Poland took part for the first time, in 1994.

Marcin then introduced his backing vocalist, Veronika, to the journalists, who is actually the first ever participant of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest to make it to the Eurovision Song Contest stage. She had been representing Poland in 2004, in Lillehammer, as a part of the group "KWADro". Two of Marcin's backing dancers are solists from the Polish National Folk and Dance Company, and they showed both their folk costumes and their dancing abilities to the press.

Describing the Polish entry, Marcin said he wanted both the song and the stage performance to be "as Polish as possible", as the past acts representing Poland have been sounding very international and they were all in plain pop style. To finish the conference, Marcin sang a song that he will perform in the musical Les Miserables shortly.

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Marcin Mroziński is a 24-year-old singer and actor. He also writes and composes his own songs. He was 8-year-old when debuting on TV and later took part in most of children's song contests in Poland always achieving top scores. Since then, Marcin has had a lot of success as an actor and singer. He hosts the Cartoon Network production Staraoke recorded in MTV’s studio in London as well, and is currently working on his first solo album. Marcin also particpates in four theatre productions in Poland, The Phantom of the Opera, Boyband, Piosenka Jest Dobra Na Wszystko and Notre Dame l'Histoire  and will also have a role in Les Miserables which will premiere in Warsaw in September. The composer of the song, Marcin Nierubiec has cooperated with many Polish stars like Doda, Maryla Rodowicz, Krzysztof Krawczyk, Michał Bajor and Michał Rudaś.

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