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Rai reveals Eurovision 2022 stage design: 'The Sun Within' ☀️

18 February 2022 at 14:59 CET
The Eurovision Song Contest 2022 stage Francesca Montinaro
Rai, the host broadcaster for the 66th Eurovision Song Contest, has unveiled the impressive stage our 41 artists will be performing on in Turin this May.

Acts can look forward to taking to The Sun Within – an ambitious new stage concept based on the movements and light of a kinetic sun (as teased last month).

Eurovision fans will witness a spectacular stage with the ability to showcase theatrical motion, which is framed by water and will have a lush Italian garden lapping up the rays in front of it.

Another look at the stage Francesca Montinaro

Multimedia artist and stage designer Francesca Montinaro is the creative talent behind the design, which will present each of our 41 participating artists in a unique way, as they perform their songs to the rest of the world.

Stage designer Francesca Montinaro Francesca Montinaro

After creating The Ripped Backdrop stage for Sanremo Italian Song Festival in 2013 and The Trampoline in the Clouds for the 2019 edition, Francesca now presents The Sun Within, the grand stage for the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest in Turin.

For the concept, the designer was inspired partly by the Italian character:

'The kinetic sun, source of spectacular movements and tricks of light, rules the stage and represents our Italian attitude: always on the move, rebellious, creative, welcoming, passionate, intuitive. We are the ones with the sun within, and this is our way to be in this world.'

Early sketches of the stage design Francesca Montinaro

Francesca took into consideration the inclusive nature of the Eurovision Song Contest, and the welcoming hospitality of the Italian people, when commencing work on her stage design:

'The cascade of water that frames the stage, allegorically represents the sea that surrounds us, a symbol of our complex culture. The stage is our peninsula: a country where each contestant is welcomed, no matter where they are coming from.'

View of the stage from the artists’ seating area Francesca Montinaro

And once the artists have performed their songs for us, their own experience of the new Eurovision stage won’t end there, confirms Francesca:

'The artists and their teams will be hosted in a lush Italian garden, where vegetation mingles with rays of light, suspended between reality and illusion, transporting them to a playful and architectural dimension.'

Viewers tuning in to the 66th edition of Eurovision Song Contest – taking place in Turin on 10, 12 and 14 May – can look forward to becoming immersed in a breathtaking new visual experience, alongside the usual diverse musical soundscape that Eurovision fans have long cherished the contest for. Rai enthuses that the stage is both classic and modern at the same time, and manages to blend the digital with the analogue, demonstrating a range of light and movement.

A model of the new Eurovision stage, demonstrating its movement Francesca Montinaro

To find out more on how The Sun Within fits into the 2022 theme, The Sound of Beauty, you can read more here.

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