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Stage costumes revealed – the clothes of the second Semi-Final

27 May 2010 at 00:40 CEST

Many hidden points of interest of the Eurovision Song Contest are connected to the clothes. In the broadcast of the second Semi-Final, there are many details in the stage show to look for. Now, Turkey's maNga tells of why this is their hardest stage show ever, and InCulto from Lithuania reveals why the trick of removing their trousers and revealing glittering boxer shorts is a success.

InCulto, Lithuania

“It wasn't very hard to decide. Our lead singer took the final decision, and we had help from a Lithuanian designer. It's just good-looking pants. We only use them for this song. The glittery boxer shorts are an extra spice – it's the Eurovision Song Contest! We did the same trick in the national selections, and it worked. We wanted some kind of emotional explosion. The women likes it, and some guys like it too, so it's a good decision to get the crowd.”


Chanée, Denmark

“We are wearing costumes from two different brands of Danish designers from Copenhagen. We like the dramatic colours with the dark blue and black. Even though it's a party and supposed to be nice, we still need some rock. And the clothes are very couture, we love them very much. I could get into something more comfortable, but it's great and comfortable enough.”


Switzerland, Michael von der Heide

“Our clothes are of silk. Both my suit and trousers are of silk. They are made by a Swiss designer. My song is called Il Pleut de L'Or, 'It's Raining Gold', so my costume is golden.”


Anna Bergendahl, Sweden

“I wear a light dress which is intended to convey hope and youth. I think it fits me.”


Safura, Azerbaijan

“My dress fits the emotions of the song. The song tells of tear drops, and the dress has the colour of water, and the stones on it stands for tears. The light is falling down like tears as well and expresses emotions. I feel very comfortable in this dress, and that's very important to me.”


ALyosha, Ukraine

"When our Ukrainian designer Liliya Litkovskaya suggested her idea of the performance dress, I had no doubt that it would be the best way to visualize my message. The leatherette hood symbolizes close minded 'sweet people' who do not want to hear that the Earth is talking to them. If we make an effort to listen, we will see that the planet is devastated and disfigured, it’s bleeding and crying."


Sieneke, The Netherlands

“I'm wearing pants with a top. It's very glamourous and sparkling – not white but a little cream. A dress is beautiful, but it wouldn't fit my song. I also have puppet actors on stage, they are the puppets of the organ. Their role is very important for the song, they come to life in the lyrics, and the same puppets are on the organ.”


Ansambel Žlindra & Kalamari, Slovenia

“The point is the mixture of folk costumes and rock outfits. It's a mixture of musical styles, and also of clothes. The folk costumes are typical Slovenian outfits.”


Niamh Kavanagh, Ireland

“The dress maker was the wise woman who put me in it. I have to have an assistant carrying the final portion of the dress, because it's so long. It works  because I'm standing on a podium for the entire song. The dress has Swarovski crystals as well. All the clothes for our performance were tailor-made to match. The purple colour is worn by the female backing singers as well, and the guys have purple lining in their costumes.”


Miro, Bulgaria

“We will have angels and sexiness. Guys, can angels be sexy? I'm not sure. Watch the Bulgarian entry, number thirteen!”


Jon Lilygreen, Cyprus

“We have a relaxed song and we are relaxed people, so the clothing makes me feel comfortable. The song doesn't require anything glamorous or dancy and in-your-face. It's nice and casual, like us. Instead of going nuts with the visuals we want people to be able to sit back and listen to the lyrics.”


Feminnem, Croatia

“We feel very comfortable in these costumes. We are supposed to represent three fairies, and the dancers are the bad ones, but the same people. The stage performance acts out the internal fight between good and evil in all human beings. The lyrics tell of betrayal and forgiveness, but not only betrayal to others, also to yourself. But as the song says, everything is easy when you have forgiven yourself, because then you can forgive others, and love will conquer.”


Sofia Nizharadze, Georgia

“I've adjusted my dress, so now it's more comfortable. It was very hard the first time I had it, because it was too tight. We chose red and white for the dresses because that's the colour of the Georgian flag. I wear a silver cross in a necklace, but that's because my choreographer told me. I like it too, it's shining. We also have it in our flag, it's St. George's Cross. My dancers also have the crosses by their necks on their costumes.”


maNga, Turkey

“We have a lot of stage costumes. For every rehearsal, we're adjusting something in the costumes. Our name is maNga, so we have to live up to that. We also have a cyborg girl on stage, who throws off her robot clothes stage by stage and becomes human. We want to say that we all can be the same. It''s hard to perform with all the props and details, this is probably our hardest stage show ever.”

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